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Keep Scorpions Away From Your Home

Nobody wants to be surprised by arachnids hiding in their home – especially in Arizona, where eight legs aren’t reserved for spiders. Scorpions thrive in the East Valley climate, feeding on other pests around your home like insects, spiders, mice and lizards.

Whether scorpions have been causing you stress outside or inside your home, the expert team at
Loveall Pest Control is ready to help!

Scorpions are venomous and can be quite aggressive. They are also quite clever, and can find entry to your home through even the smallest cracks and crevices.

Arizona is home to dozens of species of scorpions, including the Arizona Bark Scorpion, Arizona Stripetail Scorpion, Giant Hairy Scorpion, and Yellow Ground Scorpion. Here at Loveall Pest Control, most of the trained pest control specialists on our team are Arizona natives. We’ve encountered our fair share of scorpions, and we know just how distressing it can be to discover one inside your home.

At Loveall Pest Control, we train our technicians to completely customize your scorpion control service. Thorough inspections and advanced control methods target scorpions where they nest and breed, stopping an infestation at the source.

Scorpion Pest Control Maricopa AZ

Guaranteed Scorpion Relief

We are so confident in our pest control services that we back up our treatments with our personal guarantee. If you spot scorpions in your personal space between regular services, give us a call and we’ll take care of it free of charge.

We have been helping our friends and neighbors to keep their homes scorpion free for years. Why wait?

Don’t let scorpions scare you inside your own home!

Hassle-Free Scorpion Control Options

We know that when you’re looking for a team to solve your pest control problems, you want someone who can handle an infestation of any kind. That’s why we’ve built scorpion control services into our complete pest control treatment program. Call 520-709-4052 for more details!

During our initial evaluation, our team will inspect your home for potential entry points and hiding spaces. Then, we will plan the most effective treatment action plan to rid your home of scorpions and the pests that attract them – taking steps to prevent future infestations as well.

One of the best ways to keep scorpions out of your home long term is a professional Home Seal. Click HERE for more info.

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