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Pigeons Don’t Pay Rent!

And they poop. A lot! On everything they come in contact with. In fact, the pigeon poop is a much bigger problem than the actual pigeons are. Sure, they make weird noises and it can be frustrating when they’re right there on the roof, thumbing their nose at you, but just out of reach….. But their feces is extremely acidic and can damage almost any surface. That includes stucco, cool decking, awnings, car paint and the actual roof itself. And it clogs up everything on your roof forcing water to go places where it’s not supposed to go. Roof leaks are commonly caused by pigeon poop.

Pigeon Control Services

The pigeon control experts at Loveall Pest Control know exactly what it takes to extract a pigeon problem from any roof, including commercial and residential structures. We know how to get rid of pigeons and how to keep them away for good.

Eliminate pigeons from your roof

Pigeon Control RemovalA pigeon infestation is a serious problem. Their feces not only damages your home and/or business – it can also be damaging to your health. As we mentioned before, pigeons poop a lot and all of that poop accumulates in every nook and cranny and harbors all sorts of nasty bacteria, disease and parasites. As time goes by, it dries out and turns into a sort of dust that easily becomes airborne. That means it becomes a part of the air supply in and around that structure and that you and your family or co-workers breathe it in on a daily basis. That’s NOT a good thing.

The key is to stop pigeons from nesting on your home or commercial structures permanently. The longer they are allowed to nest on your roof, the more pigeons there are. And the more pigeon poop there is. The pigeon poop removal and clean up should be included with every job and the nesting sites should be sanitized. Pigeons have up to eight broods per year so the biological clock is always ticking. If there’s no place to nest on your structure there’s a very good chance they they’ll move on.

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At Loveall Pest Control, quality of service is the driving force in everything we do. We’ve solved too many pigeon infestation problems to count and we can handle yours, too. All of our pigeon control & removal work is humane, effective, low visibility and fully guaranteed for the targeted surfaces. You can trust Loveall for the right solution to any pigeon problem. Call for your free site inspection and price quote today and have a pigeon free home or business tomorrow.

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