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Yes. We’re licensed through the State of Arizona Agriculture Department’s Pest Management Division.

Yes. If a good product is used, it’s mixed correctly and applied correctly, the pre emergent portion of our weed control service offers long term protection against a weed problem. The pre emergent product stays in the top few inches of the soil and prevents new seeds from germinating. It’s effective for several months in most situations.

Yes. We can help with most any sort of bird problem. We have AZDA licensed and well trained bird control specialists on staff who are busy every day proving a bird free environment for our customers.

Probably the most important step in bed bug prevention is the use of professional grade bed bug mattress covers. Quality mattress protectors will keep any new bed bugs out of the mattress, protecting your investment. An added benefit is that they will also prevent any bed bugs that are already in the mattress from getting out and feeding on you. For preventing bed bug bites long term, bed bug mattress covers are a must.

In general terms: no. Tarantulas are usually not very aggressive and really just want left alone. If you are bitten by one it will probably hurt, but they are not venomous to humans. Some species can sort of throw or shoot hairs off of their backside at a predator or threat, so don’t let your pets sniff them or play with them. These hairs can become embedded on a dog’s nose and/or eyes and at times cause some problems.

Pigeons love solar panels because they provide shelter right where the pigeons want to be: on your roof. Of course, pigeons poop where they live and anywhere they hang out, so if you have pigeons under solar panels, you have pigeon poop, too. The longer they are there, the more pigeons there will be. And the more pigeon poop there will be, too. The smart move is to have pigeon guards for solar panels installed BEFORE you have a problem.

Probably not, but we can’t assume that to be the case should we have a bee problem to address. Most are actually a hybrid of the European Honey Bee and the Africanized Bees. Almost all of the bee colonies, hives and swarms we deal with here in the Metro Phoenix area are at least somewhat aggressive, so we have to be prepared every time.

Ants send scouts out to find food and water for the colony. When they do, they return to the nest, leaving a pheromone trail for the worker ants to follow back to the new found bounty. One of the keys to ant prevention, is to not allow those scout ants to go back to the nest. So if you see one or two ants in your kitchen, kill them right away and hopefully that will prevent a problem. If not, there are a few very good ant baits available that will usually do a good job of getting rid of them.

Rodents – especially mice, rats and sometimes squirrels, start looking for a warm place to hang out as the weather starts getting colder each fall. Your attic and/or crawl space works quite nicely. The fact that there’s food and water in your kitchen is just an added bonus. Rodent trapping is often used to eradicate a rodent problem, but it can also be used as a monitoring and prevention service, too. For longer term help, a good rodent exclusion service is advised.

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